So you want to become an affiliate, huh? Unfortunately, it’s not all that simple. Before you can even think about applying, you need to make sure that your site complies with our guidelines.

  • Elite: Disney-related fansites only, please. Sites for stars of Girl Meets World or Boy Meets World get first priority. Movie co-stars are an exception to the Disney requirement.
  • Top: Fansites for actors/actresses and musicians can all apply for this category as long as they meet activity requirements.
  • Regular: All fansites and design sites can apply here!


  1. No hate sites! That should be obvious but one can’t be too careful, right?
  2. No freeservers! Hosting must be provided by a reputable fansite host or a paid hosting provider.
  3. HQ domains and subdomains only!
  4. You must be the owner of the site you are applying for.
  5. We want active affiliates for elite and top. If you can’t update every month, the highest you will be accepted for is regular.
  6. Apply for an appropriate position. The criteria for each is listed above.

Application Form

Here you can apply for becoming an affiliate. Once approved, you will get an email from us.

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